L’Observatoire du Carve-Out is managed by theAIR (the French Turnaround Investors Association) to facilitate the success of non-strategic activities divestment,through best practices.

 It is animated by expert contributors sharing their expertise and best practices.


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Founded in 2015, the AIR association gathers the main French turnaround investors. 

Its main goal is to develop the best takeover conditions for companies going through difficulties in France. Regardless of whether the takeover solutions are undertaken before or after the bankrupcy stage, eveyrthing must be carried out to maintain employment and industrial tools in France.

Founding Member

Alandia Industries, fondé par des grandes familles industrielles, est une holding qui investit dans des entreprises en difficulté au côté de l’équipe de direction. Alandia Industries se positionne comme un acteur incontournable du retournement sur le segment des PME-PMI de plus de 50 salariés.

Beyond financial performances, Alandia Industries is committed to preserve employment, a core principle of its investment strategy.

Founding Member

Oneida Associés (8 partners - 50 employees) is an independent management consulting firm providing operational consultancy and guidance to multinationals and their senior executives in France and internationally. Its mission is to help them successfully achieve their high-stake transformation projects (post-merger integration, change of business model, restructuring, M&A operations...) while managing the associated risks.

Oneida Associés' support covers three fields: social engineering & strategy, change management, search for takeover solutions (underperforming activities, non-strategic externalisation operations, sites reconversion, Florange law) 


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